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Cleveland’s Newest Up-and-Coming Neighborhood for Culture and Entertainment

Our diverse community of Detroit Shoreway and the Gordon Square Arts District is reflected in the neighborhoods two theatres and venues for local acts to perform. You will be able to enjoy first-run and independent movies at the Capitol Theatre. Check out cutting-edge, experimental plays at Cleveland Public Theatre. And, coming to the neighborhood is Near West Theatre, a community-based theatre with big productions at a really small ticket cost. Then head to a cool neighborhood bar for a pint and listen to a great band. Just to name a couple; Happy Dog and The Parkview Nite Club offer great food and awesome entertainment.

 The Three Engines of the Gordon Square Arts District

Three unique theatres - all within a two minute walk of each other - will form the nucleus of the arts district and offer independent films, musicals and provocative theatre and dance productions.

Capitol Theatre

Cleveland Public Theatre

Near West Theatre

Other Area Theatres- Talespinner Children's Theatre

                               Blank Canvas Theatre

What are among the most “walkable,” interesting and diverse neighborhoods that you have ever walked through? If you have traveled around this country, you may have considered Washington D.C.’s Dupont Circle or NYC’s Greenwich Village or Miami’s Coconut Grove; or locally the Coventry, Cedar-Lee or Tremont neighborhoods. What do they have in common? A wonderful assortment of cultural and artistic offerings. Now, building on the presence of Cleveland Public Theatre, which for over 20 years has been a Near West Side attraction and economic hub, the Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization has launched a campaign to transform Detroit Avenue from West 58th to West 70th into the Gordon Square Arts District.

The Gordon Square Arts District is the economic cornerstone of Cleveland’s West Side where a powerful combination of housing, new businesses, the arts and neighborhood beautification are sparking the development of new jobs for residents.

Already well underway, the Gordon Square Arts District is helping to infuse more than $300 million in economic development in the surrounding community.

The driving force for the arts district is a triad of established and successful arts and non-profit organizations that will provide unique entertainment, attracting audiences from throughout the region.
Early work on the renovation and construction of theatres in the arts district is having a ripple effect, triggering more projects and improvements on the West Side that play a role in attracting educated, creative, young workers. Check out the Gordon Square website for more updates!

Capitol Theatre

The Capitol Theatre will soon be the most exciting location for movie-goers on the West Side of Cleveland. Like a year-round film festival, the three-screen Capitol will feature independent, foreign and documentary films. Several market studies have demonstrated strong potential growth for an art and independent film theatre on Cleveland’s West Side. When complete, the Capitol will feature an expanded lounge and concession area, including a selection of beer and wine, along with traditional movie concession favorites.

Built in 1921, but vacant for the last two decades, this historic structure is well on its way to reopening as a state-of-the-art movie theatre. Detailed wall murals, classically-inspired architecture, and a vaudeville stage will be restored to recreate the atmosphere of the 1920s-era movie palace, but with all the amenities of 21st century technology. Check out Cleveland Cinemas website, operator of the Capitol Theatre, for show times and ticket information.

1390 West 65th Street
Cleveland, OH 44102

Cleveland Public Theatre

Since 1983, Cleveland Public Theatre (CPT) has played a leading role in the city’s significant cultural offerings. CPT produces a wide range of performance including dance, theatre and musicals that are innovative, adventurous and memorable.

Cleveland Public Theatre has garnered a loyal following and serves an important role in our community by offering a home for local producers, choreographers and playwrights. Because of CPT’s style of performance, the organization has a track record of attracting young, creative professionals to theatre and is one of the few arts organizations that draws significant audiences from the city of Cleveland.

Cleveland Public Theatre’s nationally recognized educational programs focus on youth from low-income families and adults in transition. These programs utilize theatre to increase academic performance, enhance self reliance and life skills, and nurture a sense of responsibility and citizenship. Check out the CPT website for information about upcoming shows and tickets.

6415 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44102

Near West Theatre

Near West Theatre (NWT) changes lives. By producing large-scale, inter-generational musical productions, NWT involves volunteers of all ages and walks of life both on stage and backstage. Since 1978, NWT’s commitment to affordable, professionally-directed theatre has provided a connection to the performing arts for economically diverse audiences.

NWT emphasizes community building by engaging in long-term relationships, creating a positive environment for interaction and inspiring second and third generations to participate. Winner of the Governor’s Award for Community Development and Participation, NWT performs at the highest level of civic and artistic achievement.

Eager to be accessible to all members of the community, NWT will move from its third floor home in a parish hall to a newly-constructed, 300-seat, state-of-the-art educational theatre complex at W. 67th Street and Detroit Avenue, in the heart of the Gordon Square Arts District. Visit the Near West Theatre website for information about shows and tickets.

6702 Detroit Ave

Cleveland, OH 44102

A neighborhood with a view, a community with a vision.

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