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Shopping in Detroit Shoreway

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A quickly growing retail and art scene is emerging in Detroit Shoreway. Galleries fill once empty warehouses. Boutiques and shops have replaced dives. And antiquing is everywhere, especially along Lorain Avenue. Once the Detroit Avenue streetscape is completed, pedestrians will have wider sidewalks to stroll along, visit shops, and admire the funky, cool street art. Spend an afternoon checking out our great stores and galleries. Then, hang out and join us for dinner.

Retail Shopping

Retail Shopping  
 Artful Living Boutique
1364 West 67th
6602 Detroit Avenue

Blazing Saddle Cycle
7421 Detroit Avenue
Grace Brothers Farm, Garden & Pet
1907 W. 65th Street
Ezperanza Threads
1370 West 69th
Hausfrau Records
1380 West 65th
IE Jewelry Boutique
6420 Detroit Avenue

6515 Detroit Avenue

SP Leather
6512 Detroit Avenue
TRD Leather
6505 Detroit Avenue
Turnstyle Ltd
6505 Detroit Avenue
Superelectric Pinball Parlor
6500 Detroit Avenue

 Land Of Plenty
6511 Detroit Ave
 L' amour Du Noir
6519 Detroit Ave
6706 Detroit Ave

 GroundSwell Collective
1265 W 65th St

 Cleveland CycleWerks & Cleveland Motorcycles
1265 W 65th St. Unit A
(216) 651-0657

The Lorain Furniture Gallery
7948 Lorain Avenue
Open: 12-5pm Sat & Sun or by appt
Century Antiques
7410 Lorain Avenue
Open: 10am-5pm Mon-Sat
Bijou Antique
7806 Lorain Avenue
Open: 12-5pm Wed-Sun
ReIncarnation Vintage Design
7810 Lorain Avenue
Open: 10am-5pm Sat, 12-5pm Sun
Frank Ian Antiques
7900 Lorain Avenue, Bldg C
Open: 12-5pm Sat-Sun
Frank and Martys
7936 Lorain Avenue
Open: 7am-2:30pm Mon-Sun
Michael Rolf Antiques
7900 Lorain Avenue, Bldg B
Open: 12-5pm Wed-Sun
Mike Kolenich Antiques
7936 Lorain Avenue
Open: 7am-2:30pm Mon-Sun
Sweet Lorain
7105 Lorain Avenue
Open: 12-6pm Weds-Sat, 12-5pm Sun & Mon
Lorain Furniture
4617 Lorain Avenue
Open: 10am-6pm Tues-Sat
Nook N Cranny 
5201 Lorain Avenue
Open: 12-5pm Fri-Mon
Save On Furniture
7233 Lorain Avenue
Danny William Antiques
5201 Lorain Avenue
Open: 12-5pm Sat-Sun

Art Galleries

1point 618
6421 Detroit Avenue
(216) 281-1618
78th Street Studios
1300 West 78th Street
Phyllis Seltzer Studio
7431 Detroit Avenue
Interactive Works of Art
1302 West 69th Street

List of Galleries and Studios
at 78th Street Studios
Located at 1300 West 78th St.
1300 Gallery
Augusto Fine Art
Cleveland West Art League
Forum Artspace
Greenwald Gallery
Kenneth Paul Lesko Gallery
Kokoon Arts Gallery
legation, a gallery
Survival Kit
Susie Frazier Showroom
Tregoning and Company
Stained Glass Expressions
Urban Infant, Inc.
Allen Kradlak Studio
Charmaine Spencer Studio
Eileen Dorsey Studio
Suite 200 Gallery
Jewelry Designs by Jeff Dube
Julie Morgan Studio
Kevin Nevadomi Studio
Keri-Lee Studios
Laurel Herbold Studio
Mark Krieger Studio
R. Foster Green Studio 13
Ron Johnston Studio
Qian Li Studio
Superelectronic Press

Photography and Film at
78th Street Studios
Billy Delfs Photography
Downie Photography
Matthew Fehrmann Editions
Michael McGeady Studio
Peter Larson Photography
Xploited Cinema
Design Services
at 78th Street Studios
Carmen Navis Design
and Decoration
Cypress Collective
Walken Frame & Art
Music & Theatre at
78th Street Studios
Alternative Press Magazine
Bent Crayon Records
Blank Canvas Theatre
Auction Houses
Grossman, Inc.
1300 West 79th Street
(216) 631-0085
 Rachel Davis Fine Arts
1301 West 79th Street
(216) 939-1190

A neighborhood with a view, a community with a vision.

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