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Block clubs, community associations: Please call Metro West for information on any group you are interested in attending or learning more about.



Service Area

Meeting Location

Meeting Time

Brooklyn Centre Community Association

Brooklyn Centre

Woodbridge, Brookside, Fulton and W.25th/Pearl Rd

Archwood United Church of Christ

4th Thursday of the month at 6:30pm

Bush Ave Block Watch

Clark Fulton

Bush Ave from W. 44th to Fulton Rd

Resident House

Third Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm

Fenwick Neighbors Block Club


I-90 to Fenwick Ave W. 53rd to W. 41st


Fenwick Garden (Clark Recreation as back up location)

Second Tuesday of the month at 6:00pm

Fulton West Block Club

Clark Fulton

Clark Ave, Robert, Fulton, W. 41st.

SCFBC office

Last Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm

International Village


Clark to Storer, W. 46th to W. 48thStreet

Resident Home

Third Thursday of the Month at 6:30pm


Jones Home Historic District Community Association (formerly Daisy Area)

Brooklyn Centre

Fulton to W. 25th on Woodbridge, Marvin, Daisy, Library, and Poe Ave.

Jones Home Building Basement, Applewood Center

Last Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm

Mapledale Ave Residents

Brooklyn Centre

Mapledale Ave

Brooklyn Library

does not meet on a regular basis.  They typically meet two or three times a year

Stockyard Connection


Denison to Storer, W. 65st to W. 58thStreet

Clark Recreation Center

Third Tuesday of the month at 6:30

Village People


W. 50th and 52ndbetween Clark Ave and Storer Ave.


Resident house

Third Thursday of the month at 6:30pm

Unity Block Club


Clark to Storer, W. 61st to W. 58thStreet

Clark Recreation

does not meet regularly, meets as events dictate


W. 33rd Street Block Club

Clark Fulton

W. 33rd between Sackett Ave and Trowbridge Ave

Residents house or W. 33rd St Community Garden

Third Thursday of the month at 7pm

W. 33rd and Bradwell Ave Residents

Brooklyn Centre

W. 33rd south of Denison Ave and Bradwell Area



Varies; frequently host hold community cleanups and meetings based on need.


W. 73rd & Neighborhood Coalition


W. 82nd to Railroad Tracks I-90 to Denison Ave

Simpson Church

Second Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm


Community Advisory Council: The purpose of the Community Advisory Council for the Metro West Community Development Office:

  1. To revitalize our neighborhoods, celebrate our history, and strengthen collaboration, diversity and redevelopment
  2. To support and guide the Organizational Strategic Plan.
  3. To support and facilitate communication with residents, businesses and community stakeholders.
  4. To support the goals, staff and work of the Organization.
  5. To support all communities and stakeholders within the organization service area.
  6. To review and advise Annual Budget and expenditure of funds.


Community Leaders Committee - A meeting of all community leaders both of interest groups, block clubs, community gardens and community associations held in the Spring summer and Winter quarters to increase the network capacity among the members as well as identify and address issues thathave a larger geographic impact. They also provide community guidance on the priorities of the Community Involvement Department

Economic Development Committee - The Economic Development (ED) Committee is an evolving group of local residents and business owners that assist new business start-ups, promote exiting small businesses, and spread information about technical assistance programs. In 2013, the ED Committee will focus on three main projects: (1)Implementing shop local campaign, (2) Support creation of new businesses by marketing micro financing options to residents, and (3) host a series of presentations from various organizations that provide resources to help businesses start, grow, and thrive.

Greenspace & Land Reutilization Committee - The Greenspace Committee is a group of neighborhood gardeners who meet periodically to share resources and ideas about gardening.  In the past, they have organized plant pickups and potlucks.  In 2013, they are planning to start a tool bank of commonly used garden tools for everyone to share.

Housing Committee - The SCFBC Housing Committee was formed in May, 2011 by a group of local residents who were concerned over a long-term lack of progress on the part of the City of Cleveland in demolishing vacant, blighted, and economically irredeemable homes within the service area. This group of concerned community activists, through a mutually cooperative relationship with the Director of Building and Housing, has had a significant impact in getting derelict houses demolished and in identifying and addressing additional homes that have fallen into decay to the point where demolition is warranted.  During 2013, the SCFBC Housing Committee will continue to focus upon the demolition of severely blighted properties, while also implementing an initiative to help assure proper up keep of rental properties on the part of absentee landlords.

Safety Committee - The Safety Committee is a group of residents that meets the first Monday of the month to gather information about crime trends and address area wide safety concerns through education and programming such as court watch and guest speakers. They also serve to provide resident guidance to the office on priorities regarding safety efforts.


Brooklyn CentreNaturalists

Mission: To educate and involve the community in creating a wildlife and people-friendly habitat in an urban setting. The projects we undertake in Brooklyn Centre promote, benefit, and achieve one or more of the goals of our organization. We have seven goals that we focus on in our efforts to achieve a bond between or built environment and the rich natural assets we have in Brooklyn Centre. Our goals are:

·To develop public workshops.

·To establish educational programs with local schools and community groups.

·To promote the used of Ohio Native Species plants for gardens and landscapes.

·To eradicate invasive plant species.

·To maintain and promote a local resourcelibrary.

·To implement organic gardening principles.

·To preserve our community's unique ecosystem.

·We fund these projects with grants, variousfundraising efforts, and private funding.


Cleveland TimeBank

The Cleveland Time Bank is a new community group in which members exchange skills and services without using cash; the currency of the Time Bank is time. We build strong connections and trusting relationships in our community while helping each other live better for less money. For more information, visit

Community Forum

A community update and informational meeting held three times annually (March, July, October). The Forum provides community updates from the Metro West staff and office, community organization and institution presenters and much more.

Community Gardens

SCFBC provides support to more than 40 community gardens, neighborhood greenspace initiatives and land reuse efforts in our service area.If you are interested in joining a local community garden or starting one in your neighborhood, attending a workshop on composting, planting, or canning, or would like to be involved in the many efforts happening in your community,please contact our office.

 Mix & Mingles Open House

A community networking event held quarterly. The ‘Mix& Mingles’ provide an opportunity for residents to connect with other residents and community stakeholders based on shared interests and to learn about all other learning and engagement opportunities occurring in their neighborhood.

Near West Community Council

A collaboration of neighborhood organizations and institutions that focuses on providing a supportive community in order to serve the needs of our areas youth population. The council meets bi-monthly, with sub-committees meeting monthly, to share information about neighborhood resources, plan events and build new initiatives to benefit our young people.


Neighbor Circles are a new method of gathering consisting of three organized dinners used to have good conversation with neighbors. They are meant to provide an environment where neighbors can get to know each other,talk about the quality of life in the neighborhood and, if the group wants,plan a small action or event that can help make and strengthen new relationships, while addressing an issue that the neighbors care about.

Stockyard Steppers

Stockyard Steppers is a walking group that was started to address health problems and promote ongoing healthy lifestyle changes among residents from the Stockyards, Clark-Fulton and Brooklyn Centre neighborhoods.In addition to walking, participants receive valuable information on healthy choices other than exercise. Many participants have made changes based on the information received and their desire to improve their lifestyle. They are committed to continue what they started and to work towards achieving their personal goals.  Meets every Monday, from May to September.

A neighborhood with a view, a community with a vision.

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