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Join the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood as a resident, business owner, or a visitor. The historic housing stock in the neighborhood is beautiful as many have undergone recent rehabs to incorporate contemporary amenities while sustaining architectural integrity.

The neighborhood is experiencing growth in and around the Gordon Square Arts District. In the last few years, 85 new businesses have opened and committed to this thriving area. Boutiques, restaurants, a coffee shop, art galleries and more line Detroit Avenue and West 65th Street. The Capitol Theatre is home to independent and blockbuster films, Cleveland Public Theatre thrives with innovative programming and Near West Theatre has been in their new campus at West 67th Street and Detroit Avenue for a year.

Projects in the Detroit Shoreway Neighborhood

DSCDO was fortunate to be chosen as one of the six target neighborhoods to participate in the Strategic Investment Initiative (SII) based on development expertise and the neighborhood’s potential for new large-scale development. The initiative, launched in 2007 by Neighborhood Progress Inc. with support from the Cleveland, Gund, and Mandel Foundations, along with Enterprise Community Partners, provides six Community Development Corporations more financial and staff resources to help revitalize their neighborhoods. There are several components of the SII including a focus on specific “target areas”; the creation and implementation of a comprehensive neighborhood plan (coordinated by the Kent State University Urban Design Collaborative); achieving high-impact anchor projects (e.g. Battery Park and Gordon Square Arts District); developing “Model Blocks” to complement anchor projects by providing grants to the 135 homes surrounding Battery Park; the acquisition and assembly of vacant/abandoned properties; heightened attention to marketing and market competitiveness; sustaining a dedicated staff; and forging new partnerships.  
DSCDO is currently involved in various infrastructure, economic development, and housing activities throughout the neighborhood. The Cleveland Lakefront Plan is a $50 million project to better connect the city to the lake while converting the West Shoreway to a boulevard and improving access to Edgewater Park.

A master plan for the Gordon Square Arts District was developed to create another theatre, recruit new retail and guide the direction of the district. Summer 2009 saw the Detroit Avenue Streetscape initiative come to fruition. The City of Cleveland and the Northern Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency have committed $3 million in funding for a project that includes public art, landscaping, improved parking, widened sidewalks and pedestrian walkways. This project will be completed in fall 2009.  DSCDO is in the process of creating a business improvement district to improve retail retention, expansion, and attraction while also serving as the post-streetscape supporting agent.  

DSCDO also partnered with Vintage Development Group to create the 328 unit, $100 million Battery Park development. Surrounding Battery Park are Detroit Shoreway’s Model Blocks. This initiative strives to improve property values by way of landscape and exterior improvements, street tree plantings, increasing pedestrian scale lighting, land assembly grants to rehabilitate houses, and leveraging the growth and increased value Battery Park has generated.  

Other services DSCDO provides include managing 323 units of affordable housing, community organizing, neighborhood safety, collaboration with the Federal WEED and SEED program, Home Weatherization Program, commercial development and storefront renovation. DSCDO engages over 300 volunteers each year through block clubs and neighborhood events and is growing in membership each year.

Housing in Detroit Shoreway ranges from mid-nineteenth century single-family homes to modern townhouses and condominiums. In addition, our community has several residential historic districts. Both Franklin Boulevard and West Clinton Avenue feature large single and double-family homes dating from the mid-1860's through the 1920's. These often grand structures sparkle with jewel toned paint jobs, brilliant stained glass windows, and attractive urban landscapes. In the 1980’s, DSCDO took an active role in the rehabilitation of existing historic housing stock, along with the development of new housing. Our investment has paid off by creating a strong private investor market. Single family homes generally sell between $65,000-$150,000. Town homes and condominiums/new construction generally sell between $150-300,000.

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6706 Detroit Avenue

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6602 Detroit Avenue

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6516 Detroit Ave

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5403-5407 Detroit Ave

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